SGIA Expo: Day Two In The Bayou

It's always great to see our customers face to face at tradeshows. Here, I'm standing with Rosary McCaskill from The Rule. She made me this great towel.

The second day of the SGIA Expo in New Orleans and the crowds that were expected have still not really shown up. However, it still seems to be a successful show, since those that are attending have come with very specific agendas.

During my forum on innovation we heard guests say the following things:

  • “I came to see what is new.”
  • “I came to find ways to expand my business.”
  • “I came to buy equipment.”
    “I came to learn new ways to create today’s fashion looks.”

From other exhibitors I’ve learned that visitors are buying equipment, including heat presses and vinyl cutters. And the seminars in both the Heat Printing Zone and the Screen Printed Apparel Zone are also all very well attended.

Foil, glitter , distressed looks, and rhinestone bling are getting a lot of attention. One customer, Rosary McCaskill, took the time to make and present several Stahls’ Team members with rhinestone embellished gifts. Before my talk, she also gave me a very special customized towel that says “Who Dat Ted Stahl”. Thank you Rosary and thank you for coming to SGIA.

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  1. Rosary McCaskill says:

    Hi Ted, I’m so over whelmed right now. I was browing an saw you posted our pic on your wall! That means so much to me. I actually got teared up because you spoke so well about me. I have printed it out an now you an I will be hanging on my wall. That was such a lift up for me. I should give myself more credit for my work. Thank you so much again!

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