The Big News @SGIA Expo 2011

Ted Stahl welcomes Dane Clement and Great Dane Graphics to GroupeSTAHL

Join me in welcoming Dane Clement of Great Dane Graphics to the GroupeSTAHL family.

I almost forgot to share the biggest news of all…the SGIA Expo is where we first announced to the industry that Great Dane Graphics, founded by Dane Clement, is now part of the GroupeSTAHL family. Dane and his team have been working with us for some time, creating the artwork for the first Transfer Extreme™ stock transfers and as a contributor of full color artwork to our online art creation website.

In the future you will be seeing more of Dane’s creations from the GroupeSTAHL family of companies. He has already contributed 125 new designs to the upcoming 2012 Transfer Express Idea Book and we will let you know about other Great Dane appearances. Although you really can’t miss his artwork, it’s quite frankly the best full color artwork you’ll find anywhere.

We are really thrilled to welcome Great Dane Graphics to the GroupeSTAHL family.

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