Great People Make the Difference

Over 30 customer service reps at Stahls' ID Direct represent over 450 years of industry experience!

What is the key to a successful international business? I am often asked this question and though I have given many variations on the topic over the years, one of the main reasons for the success of Stahls’ and GroupeSTAHL heat printing companies comes down to one word. People. It is the people behind the products, the people on the phones, the people who have contact with customers on a daily basis. They are the reasons why we are able to develop, manufacture and introduce new heat printing products that you need. Without great people, new CAD-CUT Premium Plus wouldn’t be ready for you to purchase starting today! Thanks to everyone around the world who helped make this product launch possible. Our experienced customer service reps are ready and waiting to answer any questions you might have about using your heat press, lettering, transfers, t-shirt printing  or purchasing this exciting new heat transfer material.

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