Invite a Heat Press to Your Next Party

Guests had a great time making their own custom t-shirts at a recent open house held by one of our customers in downtown Detroit.

Attention all heat press owners…the next time you have a party, an open house, a sale in your store, or any event where it would be appropriate to create a commemorative t-shirt…set up your heat press! That’s what a customer of ours did at a recent party celebrating the grand opening of their new office location. In addition to a buffet line, they also had a line at the heat press, where guests could apply transfers and Therm0-FLOCK lettering to personalize their own t-shirts. Folks from GroupeSTAHL that attended the event were pleased to see how much fun everyone had heat printing. The funny thing is, people just seemed to instinctively know how to create custom t-shirts.  Even if layout accessories were not provided, it was interesting to see people finding their own ways to line up the letters.

Don't have a layout board? Improvise and use the table ledge!



Getting your customers involved in heat printing their own shirts is a fantastic marketing idea. I also saw this recently at a running specialty store. They invited the entire local high school track team for a pizza night so they could buy running shoes and cleats. If they purchased a pair of Nike cleats the kids also got to customize a t-shirt with different cut up custom transfers. In this type of situation I would just recommend having someone who knows what they are doing standing by the heat press to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Wishing everyone a safe and patriotic Memorial Day Weekend. I am thankful to all of those who serve our great nation today and will also be taking time to remember those who have given their lives to protect our freedoms. God Bless America.

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