Great Race 2017 Car Inspection


Dan, Ted, Mary, Trevor, Josh Hull and Brett Stahl taking care of registration and inspection in Jacksonville, Florida before the start of the Great Race 2017.

June 22, 2017 JACKSONVILLE: The Spirit of Stahls cars and teams have arrived in Jacksonville and it is inspection day. All participating vehicles must pass a safety inspection and are checked for period correct drive train. In addition to the period correct drive train, there are also many other details that are reviewed, such as the size of the sponsor stickers on the cars, and equipment. For example, we are only allowed to use pencils, pens and scratch pads to calculate. All maps must be furnished by the Great Race. Cars must have one mechanical or quartz-crystal analog time of day watch or clock. It can’t have stopwatch, compensating, calculating or split-action functions or digital readout. Each driver and navigator can wear one approved analog wristwatch without stopwatch function. However, each team may have one approved digital or analog stopwatch and the stopwatch may have split-action, time of day, date and alarm functions. No other time-keeping devices are allowed in the vehicle. Cell phones are allowed for emergency purposes only. Maps, charts, tables, pace notes or course materials from prior races are also prohibited. Of course, GPS devices are not allowed. Whew! In addition to making sure we have all the correct equipment, we are also taking the opportunity to take care of some last minute pre-race repairs. On a few of the cars we need to adjust some things that got jostled loose during the transport so we are ready to hit the road. All our cars passed inspection, and we are grateful for that. It’s fantastic seeing some of the very interesting cars that are participating this year. We look forward to the start!

Thomas and Benjamin Karr, we found a scorecard that you left behind! Thinking of you and our Great Race memories.

The Spirit of Stahls roadster is a Great Race favorite. We are looking forward to seeing all the participants at the start on Saturday.

The 1967 GTO that Mary and I will be driving is ready for inspection.

Double checking that the battery is up to the task before the start of the race.

Sometimes the motto Race, Repair, Repeat starts with repair.

View from the cockpit.

Getting ready for the start of the Great Race 2017.

Magic Dave oversees the final finishing touches at the pre-race inspection.

There’s only a 20 percent chance of rain according to the weather forecast…the skies say it may be higher…

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  1. Pamela Deering says:

    Safe travels from one Michigan team to another. ~ car #83

  2. Hayley Skinner says:

    Safe travels to all. I’ll be sure to say “Hi” at the finish line in Traverse City, MI

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