Heat Printing at NBA Jam Session

The Hotronix Fusion is the "all star" heat press that will be used to print NBA All Star replica jerseys at the NBA Jam Session Thursday through Sunday. They will also be fulfilling orders placed in the stadium that is at another venue.

Team members from Stahls’ DFC, Decorating Fulfillment Center, have been hard at work setting up the heat printing center at the 2012 NBA All Star Jam Session in Orlando, Florida. NBA Allstar activities kick off at 4pm EST with a VIP session, opening to the public on Thursday Feb 23rd. “We have been heat printing all day to meet demand and fill special orders for corporate customers,” said Carl Agosta of Stahls’ DFC. Carl tells me that due to the late start of the NBA season this year, the only jerseys offered for sale are NBA replica jerseys. “We only have 4 players in stock, all the rest are being made on demand according to what the customer wants.” Staff from Gameday Merchandise are in charge of garment sales at this event and many other venues.  Basically customers will be able to personalize their jersey with any player name, or their own name, and any number. Plus, they can have a transfer with their favorite team added to the jersey. We are using CAD-CUT® Super Film Heat Transfer Material to cut the names, and we have custom transfers from Stahls’ Transfer Express for the numbers. The team patches are printed on CAD-COLOR Solutions Metallic, one of the only full color digital materials available that allows you to print full color metallic logos. Transfer Express did a great job printing the transfer numbers. The artwork features a highly detailed number with a hardwood floor texture. Numbers for the East have metallic silver and 2 custom grey colors and numbers for the West have metallic gold and 2 custom gold colors. Here are some pictures that Carl sent over from his phone so you can see what I’m talking about:

Here are some examples of the team patches printed on Solutions Metallic. These transfers have not yet been heat printed, which is why you can still see the mylar carrier. This carrier is removed after heat printing.

Stahls' Transfer Express printed these custom numbers for application on the NBA AllStar replica jerseys. Custom names are added with CAD-CUT SuperFilm. It's all heat printed.

Plus, this is the first time that customers can order their custom replica jerseys using our new TouchScreen technology. I’ll talk more about that later this week, but just look at how easy it is for customers to order the exact name and number that they want. You will be seeing this technology soon at arenas around the country.

It's never been easier to order a custom jersey at an event with the new touch screen jersey station.


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