College Basketball Uniform Trends

The Hyper Elite Platinum series from Nike, which debuted at the end of January, will get even more exposure once March Madness starts. Are you ready for these new trends?

With March Madness 2012 just around the corner, (it starts March 13, 2012) it’s time to take a closer look at some of the college basketball uniform trends to watch for. Because even if you aren’t printing for these high profile college teams, you know that your local school and rec teams will also be hot for some of these looks. The good news, you can recreate the looks and most of the trends easily with your heat press.

Gray (or platinum) is the new black when it comes to uniform colors. If you’re wondering why, thank that number one trendsetter, Nike.

The Nike Hyper Elite Platinum (they’re gray actually) series worn by the nine Nike programs that have won national championships: Arizona, Baylor (women), Connecticut (men and women), Duke, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina and Syracuse.  Nike created this series from recycled polyester and they weigh 5% less than previous jerseys. The side panels have laser perforations to increase breathability.

What else is special and trendsetting about this series?

• The letters and numbers are reflective.

There is a large sublimated graphic of the school’s logo as well as stars featuring the number of National Championships each team has won.

• Player names are positioned below the uniform number (you will have to check if this is allowed in the leagues you work with). What do you think of Nike’s new series? Personally, I think the reflective numbers are fantastic, except that they may be hard to photograph. But the press will figure it out.

Player names will be positioned under the number. The stars along the top indicate how many national championships each team has won.

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