Heat Printing on Sublimated Shirts

Stahls' Decorating Fulfillment Center added the USA logo as well as the logo for Ryan Hall's charity foundation to the front of the sublimated shirt he wore during the recent Boston Marathon. Ryan came in 4th place overall.

The Solutions Metallic effectively blocks dye migration where the white film shows bleed through from the red sublimated jersey. You can also use Solutions Sub Block to prevent this from happening.

If you’re trying to heat print on garments that are sublimated, like many of today’s soccer, hockey, basketball or even running apparel, you might be running into a problem commonly known as dye migration. Sublimation dyes are tricky and you  never know how the garment you are working with will react when it is placed under a heat press. I have even known sublimated shirts to transfer colors to other part of the shirt or other items when dried in the dryer for too long at too high temperatures. So, how can you possibly put a heat print graphic onto a shirt that has been decorated with sublimation inks? You just need the right kind of media. Like CAD-COLOR Solutions Sub Block. CAD-COLOR Solutions Sub Block is a full color digital print media specifically designed for blocking dye migration. It can be applied to a variety of fabrics, including nylon and polyester. As you can see in the photo that Lisa Leone of Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center sent me, they used Solutions Sub Block to add a white USA logo and a smaller white logo to the front of the sublimated running apparel worn by Ryan Hall, a participant in the Boston Marathon. And while I’m talking about heat printing on sublimation, I’ve been meaning to share something from Brian Baker of GroupeSTAHL. He recently reminded me that Solutions Sub Block is not the only Solutions digital media that can prevent dye migration when heat printing on sublimated shirts. Here’s what he said: “We don’t really advertise it that much, but you can also use CAD-COLOR Solutions Metallic on sublimated shirts and it does an excellent job. Plus, you get the added benefit of being able to print any color in a true metallic. This is perfect for creating metallic numbers on soccer jerseys or any other sublimated jersey. ” He even sent me some photos to prove his point. In the photo, take a close look and you will see where Brian applied a non-sub blocking white film to the sublimated shirt…see how the jersey shows through the film? Notice how the metallic logo, printed on Solutions Metallic, doesn’t allow for color bleed-through or dye migration. It really is the perfect “solution” for printing on sublimated jerseys. Thanks for the tip Brian.

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