Heat Printing Warms Up NBA Warm Ups

Solutions Opaque digital media is used to personalize NBA warm up shirts.

For the past several years, Stahls’ Decorating Fulfillment Center has been heat printing the personalization on NBA warm up jerseys for Adidas. Each jersey requires a player name, number and team name and heat printing is the way to go for such specialized on-demand personalization. CAD-COLOR ® Solutions Opaque digital media is used to create the individual logos and lettering, which is then heat applied to the jersey.

Since each player requires a personalized warm up shirt with name and number, heat printing is the most efficient on demand decoration method.

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  1. Chris Tripucka says:

    We would like to print and post some of the articles like this in our store to tell our customers this is the same process we use, however, we cannot seem to get the articles to print as they appear on the website no matter what we try. Is there any way you can add a “print” feature so it’s formatted for printing articles as they appear on the site?
    Thank You

  2. Ted says:

    Hi Chris,
    Sorry about that. We are working on installing a plug-in that will make it easier to print articles. We have had the same problem here with folks wanting to print out different pages. Hopefully will be available soon. Thanks for reading and thanks for using our products. Best, Ted

  3. Dallas Printing says:

    Ted I like how you took heat pressing to a another level by targeting the sports market. and wish you all the best. every sports fan would love this.

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