Heat Printing Our Own Gear

These color coordinated jackets match our caps. CAD-COLOR Solutions.

We are on our way to the Great Race 2012, which starts in Traverse City on Saturday. There are several pre-race events we need to be at, so we left from the Detroit area on Wednesday. Thanks to everyone who helped get our Spirit of Stahls team gear ready to hit the road. We are on our way and we have already been getting a lot of positive feedback on our caps, which feature full color transfers heat printed with CAD-COLOR Solutions on the front, the sides (many people forget there is more than one place to print on a cap) and the back. The names on the back are CAD-CUT reflective. We also have reflective safety vests, t-shirts and jackets. Thanks again to everyone who helped out! Here’s a look at what we did:

These caps are great. Full color Solutions printed right over the front seams, no problem.

Names were added on the back of each cap in CAD CUT Reflective

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