Busy Week Ahead

Thanks for reading the blog, Josh, and for sending me this super detailed photo of the shirt you wore at the Stahls’ Canada Open House last week. I have more great photos from Josh Ellsworth that I will share later.

This past weekend our family grew…our son Daniel was married and we welcomed our new daughter-in law in a beautiful ceremony and reception. It was truly a lovely event. June is always a busy time for families, with weddings, graduations, summer vacations or maybe you don’t have anything planned and you can just enjoy a relaxing evening or two watching the fireflys. Personally, I am in a non-stop action mode, getting ready for the upcoming Great Race 2012. Team “Spirit of Stahls” will be departing for the 12-day road rally starting in Traverse City, Michigan on Saturday. We will be in Traverse City a few days earlier, to participate in some pre-race activities. The word “race” is kind of a misnomer, it is more of a strictly timed road rally, where winning can depend on mere seconds. We won’t be using GPS or any electronics to determine our course, rather we must follow a precise set of detailed instructions. Using a stop watch and keeping a keen eye of the speedometer and the map, we have to stop at required checkpoints at specific times. The closer we are to the “course time”, the better our score. Since no one on our team has more than 2 days of road rally experience, we are in the rookie category, which is a good thing. We have added a widget to the blog (see upper right hand corner), so that you can track our progress…we hope to have you come out and cheer us along on the route if we are coming through your area. In the meanwhile, I have to get back to packing the support vehicle and getting ready to go.

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  1. onthegosue says:

    Looking to get ahold of Ted Stahl regarding issues I had with online ordering. Very unhappy with the way customer service dealt with problem. Willing to go elsewhere! Thanks, SC

  2. Ted says:

    Hi Sue,
    I forwarded your comment on to Jodi in Customer Service and she reported back to me that she had helped you find a solution, as well as using your feedback to improve the ordering wizard. Thanks so much for letting me know there was a problem. We want to do all we can to make it easy for you to do business with us.

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