How Much Will That Logo Cost?

Get quick price quotes for your customers with Stahls’ CAD-CUT HTV Calculator. It’s an amazing tool to have at your fingertips.

If you use CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyls and are looking for a fast and easy way to calculate the cost of any given logo, the Ultimate CAD-CUT HTV Calculator is an excellent tool for you to have at your fingertips. We are frequently asked how much a logo will cost and this calculator gives you the power to determine costs in a flash. It gives an accurate assessment of your project cost, which helps you decide how much you can charge your customer, and how much profit you can eventually earn. Find out how cost-effective it is to use CAD-CUT Heat Transfer Vinyls to add custom logos to a wide variety of items. There’s a CAD-CUT HTV for every fabric imaginable. The video below shows you how it works. Download it today, just click here.

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