How to Choose a Heat Press

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How to Choose a Heat Press

Heading into the busy Spring Season, you may be wondering how to choose a new heat press. 

Are you considering purchasing a new heat press soon? Perhaps in anticipation of spring sports or events you would like to work this spring/summer. Sometimes it’s hard to think about warm weather when we are at the coldest point of the year in  most areas. But it’s actually the perfect time to do some research. At Stahls’, you can safely say we’ve written the book when it comes to choosing a heat press. Not only do we manufacture more heat presses than anyone else in the world, we can help you find the press that is right for your business.

It’s all in this FREE booklet, our Heat Press Buying Guide. 

Clam or Swing Away/Draw

One of the most frequently asked questions is what style of press to purchase. The two most common styles are swing away/draw or clam style. As the names suggest, a swinger swings away and a clam opens upward like a clam.

For answers to these questions and many more, download your free copy of Stahls’ Heat Press Buying Guide.

There are many factors to take into consideration, such as your workspace and what you are planning on printing. If you want to apply transfers to T-shirts or other small items, a clam style should work just fine.

If you plan to print athletic uniforms, sweatshirts and jackets you may want to consider a swing away/draw type press.

Learn more about the pros and cons of each heat press model, as well as features you should look for in any heat press you are considering. Download your free copy of the Heat Press Buying Guide today.

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