How to Print Soft T-Shirts

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Learn about the right transfers to use when printing on soft shirts and masks from Allmade.

How to Print Soft-T Shirts

Looking for the right transfers to print soft t-shirts with? Custom apparel expert Mel Lay shows you how easy it is to print super soft Allmade t-shirts and masks with UltraColor Soft transfers and CAD-CUT UltraWeed HTV. All you need is a heat press. This short, 4 minute video walks you through the entire process and you gives you tips. Mel shows you how to print t-shirts and masks made of recycled polyester, Tencel modal and organic cotton. When you have a high quality soft fabric, you want to use a soft finish transfer to decorate.

Easy to Order and Use

Did you know you can order UltraColor Soft transfers from Transfer Express and fit up to 90 mask size images on one sheet? This helps you save money and print the full color logos you need for corporate branding. You can print any type of artwork, no color limitations. If you would like to try UltraColor Soft transfers for yourself, Transfer Express offers free samples. Find out why so many people are very excited about this hybrid digital and screen print technology. It’s available exclusively from Transfer Express. It’s affordable, easy to order and your customers will like the results. Mel also shows you how to use CAD-CUT UltraWeed heat transfer vinyl. It’s a fast easy way to cut and heat print one color designs with an ultra soft finish.

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