5 Top Heat Press Tips

5 top heat press tips

Start printing today with the 5 top heat press tips.

Are you using a heat press machine to make custom t-shirts? After you choose the best heat press machine for your business, it’s time to start printing. Here are the 5 top heat press machine tips. If you recently purchased or are considering purchasing a A2Z Swing Away Heat Press, here is what you need to know.
Let’s get started with Tip #1. First of all, you need to know the proper time, temperature and pressure. Here’s why.

Tip #1 Use the Proper Temperature

Setting your heat press machine to the correct temperature is crucial to the success of your finished shirt. Most heat press transfers come with detailed instruction sheets indicating the correct temperature. Set your press and allow it to heat up before getting started. Secondly, make sure you have the right time as well.

Tip #2 Make Time Accurate

You know the phrase, timing is everything? This is very true when it comes to heat transfers. Make sure you set the timer to the exact number of recommended seconds. Thirdly, if you think time and temperature are important, which they are, you need to know that the right pressure can make or break your application. Here are two more tips that help you adjust the pressure for proper printing.

Tip #3 Flatten Garment and Pre-Press Shirt

Before adjusting the pressure on the machine, make sure the shirt you put on the press is completely flat. Or the area you want to press. You may have to use a heat press pillow or silicone pad to even out your print area. It needs to be flat. Once you have the item on the press and flattened out, be sure to pre-press the item for a few seconds to release any moisture or wrinkles. This also helps improve your finished results. This recommendation is usually included on the instruction sheet for your transfer. It’s very important.

Tip #4 Adjust Pressure

After your shirt is flat, you can adjust the pressure on the machine with the pressure knob. Do you know the saying, Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey? Turn the knob to the right, or clockwise, to increase pressure. Turn the knob left, or counterclockwise, to reduce. Josh shows you how in the short video below.

Tip #5 Get Quality Heat Press Transfers

You want to make sure to use high quality heat press transfers for the best results. This video shows Josh using a GoofProof transfer from Stahls’ Transfer Express. It makes a huge difference in your results if you use quality screen printed transfers.

This video covers all the points. To learn more about heat printing, visit our extensive video library.


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