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When we review responses to this blog, one of the trends we notice is that some of the most widely read posts contain answers to heat printing challenges. Like “how do I clean my platen?” or How to prevent heat press marks on polyester.  Heat printing tips and tricks are numerous, and most of them are learned the hard way–through experience. (Watch the video featured in the blog  if you do make a removable mistake!)  But by knowing certain things, you can avoid ruined garments and make your life a whole lot easier and your business a whole lot more productive. What are my top heat printing tips? Of course there are different tips for different heat print graphics, but the most basic application tips include: 1) read the instructions and set heat press accordingly 2) have the right accessories on hand, such as a cover sheet 3) pre-heat your garment to remove moisture and wrinkles 4) take note of whether you should peel your graphic release material when hot or cold–some graphics need to cool before removing the carrier. Again, these tips just scratch the surface. There are lists of helpful tips on the Stahls’ website, if you click here you can discover many more. I also wanted to take this opportunity to see if anyone out there has a heat printing question they would like answered. Please leave a comment and I will do my best to get you the answer you need right away. Coming soon…more how to tips and videos on printing team jerseys!

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  1. Jill Smith says:

    Hi Ted,
    I am new to working with a Heat Press but am loving it! I made my first mistake recently while using acrylic felt letters. One of the letters moved before I put down the press and when I was finished, the letter was crooked. I was able to take the letter off but the adhesive was still on the shirt. Will the adhesive remover work if I do this again? I wasn’t sure if its appropriate for the backing on the felt letters?
    Jill Smith

  2. Ted says:

    Hi Jill,
    Thanks for reading. Our Remover Solvent is designed to remove Therm0-FILM and Thermo-Grip materials and it will always depend on the fabric on which you are printing, but since the adhesive on our Acrylic Felt lettering is similar to what is on Thermo-FILM, Remover Solvent would be your best bet for removing the adhesive but it is not something we “officially” recommend. Good luck and don’t forget, check twice, print once!

  3. Drew Sasser says:

    Hey Ted
    just a couple of questions about the Glitter Flake material can I heat press on top of it? with Rhinestones or anything else for that matter? I have a client who would like glitter flake back ground with Rhinestone lettering across the design. was worried about it staying in place. also I have done many Items with the glitter flake material and embroidery border and peel away the excess. I love the look and so do my customers but….. can I do the same thing with any other heat transfer materials??like metallic or fashion film or puff?? just wondering if you have tested that and what were the results??

  4. Ted says:

    Drew, thanks for reading and for your interest in GlitterFlake and our other CAD-CUT materials. I asked Josh Ellsworth, our CAD-CUT expert, to reply to your application questions. Here is what he said: We do not recommend applying Rhinestones on top of any of our heat transfer film products due to durability concerns. It is better to creatively edit the art the rhinestones can incorporate within the design context but not overlap. Also, we don’t recommend layering anything on top of Glitter Flake.

    As far the other materials and compatibility with Stahls’ Rip-Away Applique, we have tried and tested a lot of the CAD-CUT Films that we manufacture. Feel free to experiment, but we have also found success with Thermo-FILM, Fashion Film and Fashion Film Electric as well as CAD-CUT Flock. The Pebble Puff does not work well with the process and the Metallic II product is better replaced with the Fashion Film Electrics for this process.

    I hope that helps, if you have any other questions, please let me know. Thanks again for reading.

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