That Old Heat Printing Magic is Alive and Well

collage2SGIAAfter returning from the SGIA Expo in Orlando, we’ve had some time to review show reports and get feedback from everyone who attended on behalf of Stahls’. Including my wife Mary, who brought up a very interesting point. Now considering that Mary hasn’t been to an industry trade show in 30 years, her point that people are still amazed at the “magic” and ease of heat printing brought a smile to my face. Because it’s true. Mary realized this first hand by spending hours interacting with booth visitors and helping them decorate shirts at the Bada Bling T-Shirt Shoppe that was set up at Stahls’ booth. Part one of the design process was helping folks apply a Goof-Proof transfer from Transfer Express. Mary showed people how easy it was to use the Air Fusion–for most it was the first time they had ever used an air-operated press, or a heat press for that matter. For many it was the first time they had ever applied a transfer! When people realized that it only took seconds to heat print a shirt, they stuck around to learn more. If you are reading this blog and you still have never applied a transfer or used die cut lettering to add a name or number to a shirt, we hope you take our word for it. There will always be room for screen printing, embroidery, sublimation and direct-to-garment printing in this world, because there’s  more than one way to decorate a t-shirt. But we get a lot of satisfaction from showing people just how easy and “magical” it is to heat print. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to print a shirt, whether it was to just say hello or place an order.

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