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CAD-CUT(R) Thermo-FLOCK(R) is a cheaper alternative to embroidery.

CAD-CUT(R) Thermo-FLOCK(R) is a cheaper alternative to embroidery.

How do you help people get the most bang for their garment decorating buck these days? One way is to always offer them more than one choice. For example, you can show people what their design will look like in one color, at a particular price or in two-color, for just slightly more. This way you will be giving them the option of a less expensive look but they still may choose to upgrade. Alternatively, once they see what you charge for two-color lettering, they may just decide that your one color lettering is a real bargain.  Offering choices can help prevent sales from walking out the door because they think your pricing is too high.  Find out how you can either tweak the design by simplifying the number of colors or complexity, or how you can do the same design in a different media. For example, if the price for embroidered names is not in their budget, maybe you can suggest names custom cut in CAD-CUT(R) Thermo-FLOCK, or better yet, use die-cut lettering that you can just layout and heat apply in a few seconds. Little letters, as we so affectionately call them, are still one of the garment decorater’s biggest bargains at just pennies per piece.

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  1. We are having great success combining Prism and rhinestones. We sure would like to see other colors in prism!!!

  2. Ted says:

    Thanks for your comment about our Fashion-FILM™ Electric Prism cuttable film and for sharing your idea about combining it with rhinestones. Why don’t you send a photo to and she can get it posted on the blog for everyone to see what you are talking about. A lot of our customers combine different materials to create fantastic effects, but a picture says a thousand words. And we will keep you posted as soon as we get in our shipment of new CAD-CUT™ materials…I don’t think there are new colors of Prism coming in right now, but some other materials that will knock your socks off.

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