If You Own a Desktop Cutter

Expand your t-shirt decorating capabilities with CAD-CUT materials and custom transfers and a heat press.

If you own and use a desktop cutter, such as one from Cricut or Silhouette, we do offer our very popular CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl material for shirts, Premium Plus, in 15″ x 20″ sheets for easy use with your cutter. We also have how-to videos as well as charts and other online resources that give you all the information you need about using our heat transfer vinyls. Need to print a larger quantity of shirts? Did you know you can use a heat press and custom transfers from Transfer Express? Now it’s possible to export your Silhouette artwork to our EasyView Designer and we can create custom screen printed transfers for you. This is especially important to know when you suddenly get a larger order that would be too time-consuming to create by hand. With custom transfers and a heat press, you get the same durable results in just seconds. If you are interested in learning how to do this, this video can help you discover how easy it can be.

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