Top Ten Reasons to Own a Vinyl Cutter

If you missed the live Facebook broadcast, now you can watch the video on the Top Ten Reasons to Add a Vinyl Cutter to your garment decoration business.
If you’ve been wondering whether or not to purchase a vinyl cutter for your custom garment printing business, this video featuring Zach Ellsworth will give you 10 reasons why you should. If the ability to print on demand, print on any location, print on any fabric sounds good to you, you need to watch this and learn more. If you already own a heat press–even if you already own a hobby cutter–you may be interested in learning how a professional vinyl cutter can add even more profits to your bottom line and capabilities to your printing repertoire. Take a few minutes and see what you may be missing out on. If you’ve never considered using CAD-CUT heat transfer materials, this is also a great way to see what you can do with them.

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