In Honor of #9

Today is a day of great sadness, as the Howe family and the world says goodbye to Gordie Howe, Mr. Hockey, #9.

Video from ESPN

It seems like just yesterday that we were at Colleen Howe’s funeral. Unfortunately, Mary and I, and most of our family, are unable to pay our last respects at Gordie’s public funeral that is taking place in Detroit on Wed. June 15th. Our Great Race 2016 adventure is starting in San Rafael, California on June 18th and we are already on the way. We have many fantastic memories of Gordie and his family that we will always cherish. Mary and I will be adding a number “9” on our Great Race car in memory of the Mr. Hockey. Throughout the years, the Stahl family has been friends with the Howe family, starting with the Detroit Jr. Red Wings and traveling with the team to away games when Howe sons Mark and Marty played. Our family will never forget the times at the Howe family home with Colleen and kids, bonding over our common respect for the sport of hockey. If you ever had the chance to meet Gordie, we’re sure you would agree he was a humble and kind human who didn’t let his legendary status in the world of hockey interfere with what was really important–his family and friendships. Our thoughts and heartfelt condolences are with the Howe family at this difficult time. Until we meet again Gordie.

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