Jerseys on Demand at the Joe

Red Wings fans can order custom jerseys inside the Joe at the Jersey Station.

If you’re from Detroit, or if you are a hockey fan, you know what people mean when they say, “The Joe.”  It’s the nickname for the Joe Louis Arena in downtown Detroit. Built in 1979 at a cost of $57 million, it’s one of the three remaining NHL® stadiums that is not corporate owned. There’s not a bad seat in the house and the signs and banners proclaiming retired players and past championships make even first time visitors understand why Detroit is also known as “Hockey Town”. If you go to a game at the Joe, now you can order a custom replica jersey–even of a player that is not so popular–and have it finished before the end of the game. The Jersey Station is a complete portable stand that features a Hotronix®Air Swinger heat press  customized with Red Wings logos all over it. They average about 20-30 special-order customized jerseys per game, from personalized to player jerseys that aren’t as popular as the core players they carry and order in bulk. (They sell a lot more jerseys, but they usually only make 20-30 on demand jerseys during a normal game). They create the custom  jerseys using Stahls’ products.

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