Throw in a Towel

It's easy to personalize a bowling, golf or other hand towel with your heat press and pre-cut ThermoFLOCK lettering, like Jiminy Cricket. (Custom cut flock shown in photo)

I’m not saying “throw in the towel” which is an expression that stems from the world of boxing. When a boxer’s trainer or coach throws his towel in the ring, it’s a sign that the boxer should give up and end the fight. I just wanted to draw your attention the the fact that there are a lot of sports out there that require the use of towels…(golf, bowling, tennis, yoga) and that makes them an excellent personalized gift opportunity. If you’ve never thought about heat printing on towels, you should. It’s very easy, especially if you use pre-cut lettering that you can order by the kit or pack. You should always have a kit of white Thermo-FILM or Thermo-FLOCK lettering (Thermo-FLOCK is great for personalizing towels, since it is soft and velvety) and a kit of a darker color, such as black or navy. With white and black or white and navy on hand (my preference), you can add names and initials to just about anything for pennies. Literally. Consider offering free personalization on some items, especially around the holidays. Of course this would have to be limited to small items, such as Christmas stockings, dog placemats, robes, caps, towels, socks (L for Left and R for right). The ideas and opportunities are endless. All you need is a heat press.  Here are just some of the things you can personalize in addition to sports towels and Christmas stockings:

  • Tree skirts
  • Guest towels for powder rooms
  • Kitchen towels

Other holiday gift ideas that you can personalize:

  • Dog apparel
  • Leashes
  • Collars
  • Bandanas
  • Life jackets
  • Pet beds

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