More Artwork Alternatives

Artvarkexpress is a fantastic resource for high quality digital artwork. If you need to take artwork from raster to vector, take a look at the services offered by

After yesterday’s blog posting about, Dave Wheatley brought up some good points that I wanted to share. Sometimes business is going so well that you simply don’t have the time to get all the artwork you need done on time, even with the help of Or maybe your artist is on vacation, or maybe there is a task, such as digitizing or editing, in which you require help.  At GroupeSTAHL, it is our philosophy to offer you alternatives. So…if you are so busy that you do not have the time or desire to use, and you need to “outsource your artwork to a capable firm” please look into our recommended artwork alternatives such as or Artvark Express is your one stop digital graphics solution that specializes in full color digital artwork for garment printing. And EmbWorx offers fast, affordable digitizing services. Thanks for your comments and feedback.

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