Are Artwork Costs Killing Your Profits?

If you are looking for ways to save money in your business, and aren’t we all, I would strongly encourage you to check out We developed it specifically for garment decorators and it can help you keep your artwork costs under control.

Good artwork costs money, right? Well yes and no. On the YES side, it does cost money to invest in a great graphic artist for your staff or to outsource your artwork to a capable firm. But with uncertain economic times, an ever increasing number of government regulations for businesses, and the fact that no one able to predict how much we’ll be paying for healthcare or taxes, it’s not easy to go out and spend money you might not have next year. (Since it is an election year, you might find some of my political opinions popping up once in a while and I certainly welcome any of your comments, either way.) Garment decoration businesses are built around the ability to make logos and other personalization look good. If you can’t do that, you probably won’t be in business long. So what’s a business owner to do? If you haven’t already figured it out, you can create the artwork you need to make your garments look good without spending a lot of money. There’s no need to buy expensive graphics software, there’s no need to hire an expensive, talented artist. What’s the solution? It’s called and it’s a free online artwork service developed to provide easy and cost-effective art creation and output processes commonly used by garment decorators. Especially if you are outputting to a cutter or a digital printer/cutter. Here’s a customer testimonial from the website that tells the story better than I can:

Being new to this business, I have started out doing team uniforms. I was using another program and finding not only was I not making money, but I was losing money. Not what you want to hear when starting a new business. Thinking that is was me being slow, I tried harder to learn the programs that I was using. But everything was so time consuming. Resizing everything, fonts not printing at sizes given and so on. Files upon files being saved so I wouldn’t have to repeat my work, but finding that the simplest of changes, were time consuming. It was constantly like taking the long way around, just to go a couple of feet down the block. Then I had to ask for help one day, for this just didn’t seem right. I found a forum that people in the industry help each other and someone told me about Cadworx. I already had an account with STAHLS, but hadn’t heard about Cadworx. I signed up and within a few hours of playing with the programs, my time designing uniforms and T-shirts has been cut in more than half. I can save the work I’ve done, or just cut it once and be done with it. I can work from home or my office on projects. It’s a life saver. All I can say is, “Thank you so much, I’m actually making some money now.”

So don’t let rising costs of doing business prevent you from growing your business. There are ways you can improve your bottom line without sacrificing quality of work. In fact, if you have been doing your own artwork and you’re not an experienced artist, will also help you improve the quality and complexity of your artwork. Especially now with many new templates for full color digital artwork. also makes it easy to save your work in the output file you need. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and find out what over 20,000 other garment decorators and active users out there already know…

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  1. Good to hear Jeff’s comments! I’ve heard lots of great feedback on, the Designer & the Easy Teams module. A lot of customers see “free online designer” and think its just for small shops that don’t have the expertise in Illustrator or CorelDRAW, however I have visited some of our largest customers with 30+ artists on staff whose eyes were opened to the power of, specifically how it can save tons of time for their art departments by letting them make changes or add effects to entire rosters with the click of a button. If you’d like to share it, here is a Great Garment Graphics webinar that we did on the subject:

  2. Rob Patterson The Tag-It Co. says:

    Mr. Stahl, please call me concerning a MaxxPress I purchased through Johnson Plastics at last years Indy show. You guys over the past year have made three shipments of parts to try and make this work correctly. I have hours of frustrations and time and lost business working on this. I am call Tom in customer service again this morning since the parts he sent still don’t work. I am building a family business for my sons and thought I was buying the best. I am fortunate to be handy to make the recommended repairs. I am in Cincinnati and feel I need a new unit. Please call me to discuss. Thank you. Rob Patterson. 513-470-9473. My serial number on the Maxx from the paperwork is 2394 and my zip code is 45039.

  3. Ted says:

    Hi Mr. Patterson,
    I forwarded your comment on to the folks at Hotronix and Ben Robinson assured me he has replaced this press for you, are you still experiencing problems? Please let me know if this matter was resolved to your satifaction.

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