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Seattle Seahawks try neon green US Press photo

Seattle Seahawks try neon green

Neon colors are always in fashion somewhere, aren’t they? Personally, I think they look better on the beach or on the slopes, but it seems the NFL’s Seattle team, the Seattle Seahawks, is giving it a go on the gridiron.  In defense of Seattle’s marketing team, or whoever came up with the idea, I’m always in favor of small changes that get people’s attention. And some people really like neon green, so maybe it will sell some jerseys. People do like choices. I don’t know if it will help end their two-game losing streak, but it didn’t seem to scare the Chicago Bears last week.  I know that we do happen to sell a lot more neon pink or just hot pink in September going into October, since it is  National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  So whether you’re looking for neon green, neon pink or just about any color in between, in CAD-CUT(R) materials or just ready to heat press lettering, Stahls’ ID has the colors your customers are looking for, whether you personally like those colors or not.

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