T-shirts, Classic Cars and In-N-Out

I ran across an article in an AAA (Automobile Club) publication that talked about two of my favorite subjects, classic cars and t-shirts, so I thought I would show the shirt. Not being from the West coast, I’m not that familiar with In-N-Out burger chain, but I know it has quite a cult following. And I guess they also produce a collection of t-shirts, with a new design featuring one of their restaurants coming out every year. The artist for the 2009 shirt is Michelle LaRae, very talented, and according to the article, she is the first woman to design the annual T-shirt for In-N-Out.  Congrats on becoming part of T-shirt history Michelle and the next time I’m out West, I’ll be stopping at the first In-N-Out I see.

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  1. I am familiar with the t-shirt and In N Out burger. Your company is great. Thanks. And the Burgers are too, make sure to ask for protein burger or animal style. Yummy

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