Promotional Products Work!

Graphic courtesy of PPAI.

Graphic courtesy of PPAI.

You still have 2 more days to participate in Promotional Products Work! Week sponsored by PPAI. We’re doing our part to spread the word because it’s something we are also passionate about. If you’ve ever considered increasing your custom product offering–there really is no limit to the types of things you can personalize–this quick video gives you the research facts as to why it’s a good idea. People use promotional products, they remember the names printed on them and most of all, according to the video, they LOVE promotional items. Personalized garments are a HUGE part of the promotional products industry, and heat printing is becoming more and more popular with promotional products re-sellers of all sizes.  #PPWWeek

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  1. Great article Ted. I feel promotional products are one of the under-appreciated channels of marketing.

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