Still the Fastest Way to Print Numbers

Thermo FILM numbers

Thermo-FILM numbers are still the fastest, easiest way to number sports jerseys.

Still the Fastest Way to Print Numbers

With fall sports on the horizon, it’s Stahls’ Thermo-FILM season. As you’ve heard me say many times, Thermo-FILM numbers are still the fastest, easiest, most reliable way to print numbers on any shirt. You can quickly turn a t-shirt into a team uniform. Thermo-FILM is used for all sports. You will find it on soccer, basketball, baseball, football, hockey, lacrosse, field hockey–you name it. If you see kids on the local fields playing sports, they are probably wearing Thermo-FILM numbers.

Why is Thermo-FILM so Popular?

Thermo-FILM is the world’s best selling numbering and lettering material for many reasons. But the main reason is because it’s so easy to use. Anyone can print Thermo-FILM numbers in just seconds. There is a very short learning curve. Just pre-heat your shirt, position the numbers, cover and press. You can easily print shirts for an entire team in 10 minutes.

Why It Works

Thermo-FILM is a flexible, polyurethane film with a top-quality polyester adhesive backing. It is thin and flexible. Plus, if you are applying white Thermo-FILM numbers on a red shirt, the numbers won’t turn pink.

Sticks and Stays

Thermo-FILM is tough. When applied properly it will outlast the garment. It has a reputation of being tough and durable because it truly is.

For more information on Thermo-FILM numbers, watch this video or visit Stahls’ website.

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