It’s Thermo-FILM Season

Thermo-FILM is our best selling material and there are several ways you can purchase it. By the roll, as die-cut/pre-cut numbers and letters or have us custom cut Player Names and Numbers for you to quickly and easily heat press.

If you’ve ever wondered what our best-selling heat transfer material is, it’s Thermo-FILM® Why? Because it’s the fastest, easiest way to add team numbers, hands-down. It’s very forgiving and extremely easy to work with. It’s used around the world for sports (and more) at all levels. You can order pre-cut letters and numbers by the kit, team packs or individual packs. If you own a cutter, you can also purchase CAD-CUT®  Thermo-FILM by the yard. Don’t own a cutter? We can create custom  Player Perfect Name and Number sheets for you. Why should you choose Thermo-FILM? The main reason is that your customers will love it. Thermo-FILM is very durable and won’t crack, peel, or fade once heat applied. Plus, it’s a proven performer that meets your tough standards for quality and durability. In addition, Thermo-FILM:

  • Inhibits dye migration
  • Offers superior opacity (coverage)
  • Resists abrasion–perfect for contact sports or any jersey
  • Recommended fabrics: cotton, polyester
  • Fast application times
  • Can be used for two-color applications or combined with other materials
  • Compatible with the STAHLS’ Rip-Away Appliqué™ process.
  • CPSIA Certified

Thermo-FILM Metallics

If your spring teams are looking for gold or metallic silver, you can get those colors in Thermo-FILM.  And you’ll also find that Charcoal Thermo-FILM is a perfect match for so many jerseys that have charcoal accents. This video shows you how to cut and heat press Thermo-FILM.

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