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Everyone wins in this creative promotion put together by Nancy Moran-Julian of Huckleberry Ink. See below for more information on what she’s doing.

To all our customers and friends out there who have been doing the best they can to keep printing shirts, THANK YOU. We truly applaud your efforts during these difficult times. We know many have had to cut back to minimum essential staff and sometimes that means just yourself and your family. We are seeing more and more of you come up with ways to remain busy, even if it is a different kind of busy. And we have noticed that some of you are more creative than ever, coming up with graduation t-shirts, shirts for first responders, fund-raisers and much more. We see you reaching out to your communities and starting online shops. We see you networking and applauding and helping each other. Thank you for your positivity, your resilience and your entrepreneurship. We know that it’s not easy and we want you to know we are still here for you. Thank you for continuing to purchase our custom transfers, heat presses and more to run your businesses. Here are just a few examples of the amazing tenacity and creativity we’re seeing out there.

From Nancy Moran-Julian of Huckleberry Ink:

This has been such an amazing way to connect with people this week. 205 hoodies!! I am running the promo thru Friday. So much great feed back. Hey friends, this is a crazy time!!! With most all spring sports canceled or delayed this will hit my pocket book and business hard. I am thinking positive and planning on keeping busy. I have had so many ideas over the years that I haven’t had time to test or implement. The down time will give me time I have never had.
However in the meantime I had this idea to post on my FB page Hoodie Roulette, they go to my website order and pay for their size then come back to Facebook post and tell me their desired color I pick out the hoodie and print ( they can choose my business logo or a Pacific Northwest design of my choice) Then I ship it to them, it’s like Christmas when they open their package. I am here in shock and AWE!! I have almost 100 orders in 36 hours!! Theses are all hoodies that I have on hand preparing for events (now cancelled) and inventory in the shop. Just over here thinking outside the box. Stay Healthy my friends!!

Nancy Moran-Julian came up with this very creative Hoodie Roulette concept and has sold over 200 hoodies so far with the promotion. Well done!

Here are a few more examples that people have shared on our Stahls’ All Things Heat Printing Facebook page. Thank you so much for continuing to post your work, and for continuing to order your supplies from us. We are still shipping if you need custom transfers, CAD-CUT heat transfer vinyl or heat presses. Check our websites for any changes in availability.

Gary Ruckdeschel says he recently completed his first order using Stretch Litho Matte custom transfers from Transfer Express. Thanks for sharing Gary.

The order was for 34 Karate uniforms, front and back prints.

If you are active online you will see more and more examples of people who are still printing and delivering custom apparel. There’s a saying that adversity fuels greatness and we are seeing many of you really begin to shine. We are also seeing messages of compassion and humor, and we are truly proud to know all of you. We know that some of you have had to re-think ways to print shirts and move into a “work from home” situation. It can be done! Our own Josh Ellsworth recently had to set up his broadcast studio in a spare bedroom. He is continuing to offer heat printing education and how-to information every day at 11AM EDT. These live demonstrations are getting quite a big audience. Today he showed people how to print CAD-CUT Metallic and CAD-CUT Silicone. All demos remain available online for you to watch, even if you missed the live presentation.

Josh Ellsworth had a little help from his daughter when he set up his home work station last week.

It just goes to show you that you don’t need much space to create professionally heat printed shirts. Tune into Facebook everyday at 11 AM EDT to see what Josh will be heat printing next.

Stay safe out there.

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