Thermo-FLOCK Rocks

Try ThermoFLOCK instead of embroidery

Try ThermoFLOCK instead of embroidery

You can’t really tell from the picture, but the golf towel and all the items in it have been decorated with CAD-CUT(R) Thermo-FLOCK(R). If you’ve got a client who needs golf towels but who doesn’t want, can’t afford or can’t wait for screen printing or embroidery, Thermo-FLOCK(R) is an ideal solution. It seems like I’ve been promoting this idea for over 20 years, but it is a message that bears repeating. Once you work with Thermo-FLOCK, whether you cut it yourself, order it from our custom cutting services or use pre-cut lettering, you and your customers will be amazed at the soft, raised texture that isn’t scratchy like embroidery. It’s actually perfect for use on towels and it’s a heck of a lot less expensive. Plus, you can do any quantity and still make a profit. If you’re doing a golf tournament, you could personalize each towel with the participants name or initials for a great registration gift. Or with a sponsor’s name, even if it’s a last minute sponsor. There’s no reason to be afraid of trying Thermo-FLOCK(R) if you’ve never used it. It is truly one of the easiest heat transfer materials to work with and the results are always wonderful.  It is one of our biggest selling products in Europe, where it is widely used for soccer uniforms and many other sports. But once you get to know Thermo-FLOCK, you’ll see how many uses there are for it. It’s also great for layering or using in multi-media designs. From towels for bowling and golf to personalizing baby clothes (it’s so soft and there is no scratchy background like with embroidery), to classy looking raised corporate logos on polo shirts or caps.

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  1. James Earl says:

    Hi Ted,

    One issue I have with the prespaced player names that we have ordered in flock, is really the way the cut the mylar backing that it comes on. There is no straight edge from which we can square up and cut.
    As a suggestion I think the edge on the same side the name/word starts should be square,straight so we can reference from that side to cut the pieces.

    Another question is, how is the color fastnest on the thermo flock?

  2. Ted says:

    Funny you should mention this…we are currently working on an improvement in this area (it’s going through the patent process). But I understand your frustration and as soon as we can improve this issue, believe me, we will. Regarding the wash fastness of our Thermo-FLOCK, as long as you follow the recommended application and washing instructions, you should be good to go.

  3. best screen printing says:

    I have a question (awesome blog Btw) can anybody give me some good ideas that I can have printed on some T-shirts I came across a number of blogs including this one with some great ideas.

  4. Monique Dubeh says:

    Hi there. I am looking for any information/details/instructions you can give me about how to properly apply your pre- cut letters to t-shirts. I`m assuming I will need teflon-paper and that it is re-usable? I’m a little worried that when I lay out the letters on the shirt they will move? I’m a rookie, doing this for a group of researchers so any information would be appreciated. Thanks

  5. Monique Dubeh says:

    I should also mention that I am working with the Thermo-FLOCK pre-cut letters. Also, any ideas on the best type of press to use in this case? I’m hoping to rent time at a local shop…

  6. Ted says:

    Monique, Thanks for reading the blog and good luck to you in learning how to heat print. Regarding your question, I asked one of our experienced customer service representatives at Stahls’ ID Direct to reply. Here is what Juliet responded:

    To successfully heat apply pre-cut letters and numbers to your garments, may I suggest you use the following accessories.

    1. Cardboard Layout Templates – These templates come is various sizes to help you evenly layout your letters and numbers on a straight or arced path.

    2. Thermo-Tape – This heat resistant tape can hold your letters and numbers in place on the garment. Then, you can heat press the letters and numbers with the tape for a few seconds to keep them in place, then after removing the tape, heat-seal the letters and numbers for the remaining amount of application time. There is also a Tape Dispenser available for easy storage and use!

    3. 6 Mil Teflon® Cover Sheet – Out most popular cover sheet protects the letters and number from being heat applied to the upper heating platen of your heat press machine. It also leaves a nice finish on the letters and numbers, protects the garment and upper platen from dirt and dyes, and is reusable. We also offer Kraft Paper Cover Sheets that are used for the same purpose as the Teflon, but the Kraft Paper helps reduce static build up while heat applying our Cad-Cut® Materials.

    The application instructions will depends on the type of material you order the pre-cut letters and numbers in. We have various different heat transfer materials for all the different types of garments out there. We post all of our materials application instructions on our web site at this link:

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