What Are You Really Selling?

I drove past a personalization shop the other day and I was very tempted to pull over and offer a bit of friendly advice to the owner. But instead I’ll just post it here so everyone can read it…

The store had a sign in the window that read: “We Do Screen Printing and We Do Embroidery.”
My advice? It’s not about the decorating processes you offer or are able to perform…it’s about filling a need that people have for personalized items and letting people know you can fill that need. You should be as clear as possible. How about telling people:

Shirts for Family Reunions Here
Personalized Team Spirit Shirts and Jackets Here
We Put Player Names on Jerseys for $5.00
Add Your Name to Any Item–While You Wait!
Team Lettering in Less Than 24 Hours

And so on…just think of all the things your customers count on you for…they really don’t care if the item was screen printed, embroidered or applied with a heat press. What’s more important is the finished item. Let people know that you can print just about anything….they don’t need to know if you used CAD-CUT(R) materials, a custom transfer or actually had it screen printed. Sure, some people will ask, but most people just want a good looking finished item at the right price.

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  1. Mark Coudray says:

    Ted, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Those that focus on “product and process” eg screen printed t-shirts, will also struggle against lower priced competition and new technologies. By focusing on the benefits and the results you deliver, you connect with your client base and create word of mouth viral advertising as your customers tell their friends and neighbors about what a great job you did for them.

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