Cut Your Own Player Names and Numbers


Looking for ways to save money and put more profits back in your pocket? There’s never been a better time to take a few mintues and learn more about the benefits of using Easy Teams, an amazing free software module on If you’ve been considering purchasing a cutter to help increase your profitability and make your spring season run smoothly, Easy Teams can get you up and running, cutting player names and numbers in minutes. Easy Teams makes it easier than ever to design letters and numbers for team uniforms. It allows anyone to create vector artwork ready for cutting in three easy steps: enter roster info, choose a style or create your own, output cut file. And the greatest news is this powerful graphics program is free as along as you are a GroupeSTAHL Sales Alliance customer. Save the money you would spend buying a comparable program and save time as this software is intuitive, prompting you through each step so there’s almost no learning curve. Easy Teams provides tools specific to the team roster creation process. Customers can import (or type) team names and numbers into the application and then stylize the entire list of names and numbers in one step. You can choose name or number styles from the style library or create your own custom styles and apply them to the entire roster. Export rosters grouped by names, numbers, or as a prespaced combo. Easy Teams is optimized to work with VectorCut, however users can export their artwork as a .plt file and use whatever cutter they like. is available from any computer in the world, as long as you have Internet access. There’s no software to buy, no upgrades to worry about, and no steep learning curves. In fact, anyone can start creating art for their garment graphics cutter with in a matter of minutes. Why not try it for yourself today? 

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