Thinking Inside the Box

What will they think of next? Heard on the radio that these are selling for $75 a piece! Talk about re-purposing an existing product!

Here’s a case where thinking out of the box led to growing something inside a box. Square Watermelons!  I guess this isn’t really a new idea, the Japanese supposedly have been growing and selling square watermelons for years, but an export company out of Panama just delivered its first shipment of 120 square melons to New York and expects to sell 3,000 this year. It’s not a genetic experiment, the melons are grown in clear square boxes and are said to be 100% natural. They certainly look interesting. Can’t imagine paying $75 for a watermelon though.

You could accuse me of always telling people to “think outside the box.” At GroupeSTAHL, we recently got together to brainstorm future innovations and company direction. I don’t think we will be selling square watermelons anytime soon, but you can bet that you will continue to see us continuing to innovate when it comes to all things heat printing. Here’s a picture of our group listening to a presentation by Josh Ellsworth.

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You can also hear what Josh has to say about heat printing, CAD-CUT® materials and more by visiting CAD-CUT and watching videos by Josh and our other experts. The marketing team has made a lot of great updates to the website and if you haven’t been there in a while, take a look and you’ll find educational videos, charts and more that will make your life easier and apparel decoration a lot more fun.

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