Top Tips on Cutting and Weeding Fine Detail

One of the most important tips you can follow if you own a cutter to create graphics for garment decoration is having the right blade and having a sharp blade. I’ve written several blog posts about this. In addition to a sharp blade, each heat transfer vinyl material requires different blade settings, depending on the thickness and the texture of the material. For example, you won’t want to cut GlitterFlake with the same blade you use to cut FashionFilm. When you are cutting finely detailed designs or lettering, there are also other things of which you need to be aware. You may also want to switch to a steeper blade angle when cutting thicker materials. Checking your downforce, which means making sure it is set at the right level, as well as your tangential emulation. Getting to know your cutter is very important. After you have cut your finely detailed design, you’ll also need to take precautions when weeding. A heated weeding table can be a big help and can greatly reduce your production time.

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