Dye Blocking Silicone Heat Transfer Vinyl

CAD-CUT Silicone is in stock and ready to order. If you’re looking for a solution for dye-blocking when printing on sublimated shirts, this is now available.

Personalizing sublimated jerseys is a challenge and Stahls’ has a solution. There are so many popular sports jerseys out there that are created from sublimated fabrics. They look great but they’re hard to decorate. If you’re heat printing on sublimated garments, you need heat transfers that block dye migration. CAD-CUT® Silicone Dye-Block™ is the first silicone based solution for dye migration using heat transfer technology. This stretchy and pliable material applies at a low temperature for a professional application with no scorching. Silicone Dye-Block™ is now available to purchase from Stahls’. It’s available in seven popular colors. To learn more about heat applying CAD-CUT Silicone and how to get great results, watch this how-to video featuring Josh Ellsworth. If you would like to learn more about dye-migration, click on this link to download your free copy of Stahls’ Dye-Migration Handbook.

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