“We Need More Cowbell”

Rosario, Marcy and Gloria of GroupeSTAHLWest with Brian McLeod from Stahls’ ID Direct.


Brian McLeod, Stahls’ ID Direct and Carleen Gray, Marketing GroupeSTAHL, just emailed me some photos from the airport on their way enroute from Phoenix to Dallas. They had been at GroupeSTAHL West presenting four GSW team members personally with the September “Cowbell” awards.   At GroupeSTAHL, a “Cowbell” is a “peer to peer” (individual or team) employee recognition program designed to recognize and celebrate Extraordinary Customer Service Experience efforts. In case you were wondering, the use of the name “Cowbell” for the award originated from a saying often used by Colleen Young of Stahls’ ID Marketing–“We need more cowbell.” This is a pop-culture phrase made famous by a Saturday Night Live skit. Of course at GroupeSTAHL a “Cowbell” is a good thing and despite the humorous origin of the phrase, our “Cowbells” are taken seriously. Getting back to the awards…

  • Gloria H. was nominated for being a positive influence and cheerleader in the office.
  • Dominic M. was nominated for his leadership and attention to detail within his department.
  • Marcy A. was nominated for helping out a Transfer Express customer with a special order.
  • Dominic M., Gloria H. and Rosario L. were also given a team nomination for going the extra mile to get a precut order out on time.

There is no limit to the number of “Cowbells” that can be handed out. It’s part of something we are doing on a monthly basis to recognize our peers that are going the extra mile to help our customers. I’m not going to be able to post all “Cowbell” winners every month, and there were others at other GroupeSTAHL companies that received “Cowbells” this month, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m proud of all of you who go the extra mile to treat our customers with the fast, courteous and reliable service they deserve. Thank you to all our “Cowbell” winners and let’s not be shy in reminding others when “We need more cowbell” in any given situation.

Carleen Gray updates the gang at GroupeSTAHL West in Phoenix on new products and promotions. If you live in the Phoenix area, feel free to drop in and visit our Chandler location during business hours.

Dominic, Rosario, and Gloria received a team “Cowbell” award, presented by Brian McLeod.

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