What Can You Sell for Five Dollars?

Think of customization services you can market for $5. Adding names, numbers, reflective initials to backpacks...what can you come up with?

Most of you have probably heard about the $5 footlong sandwiches offered at Subway and I just read about a new website in the Wall Street Journal that has decided to capitalize on the fact that people have talents or services they are willing to sell or buy for five dollars. It’s called Fiverr.com. Very interesting. The article got me thinking that this could be a great marketing idea for personalization specialists, especially those of you with a heat press and a cutter. Or even a few boxes of lettering.  There are plenty of customization services that you can offer for a flat fee of five dollars and still make a healthy profit on. I don’t know what the going rate for adding a player’s name to a shirt is in your area, but I’m pretty sure that most people would pay at least $5.00 for this service. If five dollars is the current “sweet spot” for pricing in today’s economy, what do you have to offer?

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  1. We charge $4 per shirt and $5 to embroider the name and/or number on the hat of baseball players in our area. I am aware of another pricing at $2.50 for the shirt and $7.50 for the combo and one doing just shirts at $3.75. There are one or two charging $10.00 and $10.50 for the combo. Input from the Northwest Atlanta suburbs.

  2. Ted says:

    Thank you for your input Mike. It is always interesting to see how retail pricing varies around the country. Have you felt a need to lower pricing due to the economy or are these your “normal” prices?

  3. We sold spots in our NCAA Tournament Pool for $5.00!

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