Why You Should Buy Direct


Save money by buying direct from the manufacturer. It's right there in the name!

Looking to make each dollar you spend go as far as it can these days? Who isn’t? One way to save is by buying direct from the manufacturer…cutting out the middleman so to speak. With most products, there is a two or even three-tiered system which means that two or even three other companies add their own pricing mark-up before you get the products you need. In some cases, this is impossible to avoid. Unless you can buy all the food you need at farmer’s markets or have your own oil well and refinery in your back yard! But when it comes to garment decoration, one place you can be sure you’re buying direct from the manufacturer and getting the best value possible without paying more to someone along the way is at Stahls’ ID Direct. That’s one of the reasons we changed our name several years ago, to get the message out that when you buy from Stahls’ you are buying DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURER! In most cases we are able to offer the lowest pricing on heat transfer vinyls, transfers, heat presses, numbers and letters and so much more…because we are the manufacturer. We do everything possible to keep our costs down and we pass the savings on to you. When you purchase from Stahls’ ID Direct, not only are you getting the best possible value, you’re also getting MADE IN AMERICA. Our manufacturing plants are located in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

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  1. KBkk says:

    Het I have tshirt printing also and just wanted to find out if you have an Idea of putting number on jerseys or if I get the transfers from Stahls and Buy Gildan shirts, how much should be resonable to Charge. Pls I’ll really appreciate Because I am still trying get my ask price Thanks so much!

  2. Ted says:

    Thanks for reading. How to price is a common question. There are many different things to take into consideration when pricing your custom printed shirts. With names and numbers it is a bit easier because there are no variable costs as there would be with custom artwork. You know the cost of your letters and numbers, so you can easily quote a price or have set pricing. Many people who add names and numbers have a set price for specific lettering and number sizes. For instance, for any name in 2″ Pro Block letters you could charge anywhere from $3-5 per name, or more, depending on your location and what your competitors are doing. I hope this helps. Good luck with your business and thanks again for reading.

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