How to Sell More T-shirts in 23 Days–Day 1


Step One: What's your niche? Write down all the possibilities you can think up.

Do you want to sell more T-shirts? More jackets? More sweatshirts? More caps? You can. But you have to work at it. I’ve put versions of these tips on the blog before, but this time I’m going to try something different. Every day for the next 23 days, I’m going to give you one specific thing to do that will help improve your sales. Just one small thing each day. You don’t have to write a complicated strategic business plan, you don’t have to call your accountant to review the books. Just get a pad of paper and a pen. You can do this exercise on your own or you can do it with your team. Just do it (apologies to Nike). To make sure you don’t miss any posts, please enter your email address on the upper left hand corner of the blog and you will get an email letting you know when there is a new post. Thanks.


1. Find your niche. Do you have a niche?  To be successful you need to find a need in the marketplace and fill it. Make a list of the services you offer on one side of the paper. Make a list of who needs these services on the other side. Not sure about what you can print with a heat press? For a complete list, click here. Now think of all the possible customers for each of your services and products. Some thoughts to get you going…church groups, club sports teams, school pep club, local cupcake store, local pizza place…you get the idea. If you live in a larger metropolitan area, your niche might have to be something REALLY different. If you live in a smaller area, your niche can be a bit broader. Find a need. There is always a need for custom t-shirts and other custom items. But what are you offering that your competition isn’t? Who can you target that your competiton isn’t? Make a list.   If you need help, here is a list of possible niche markets you should consider servicing.

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  1. Krista Miller says:

    I love the idea of all these products able to be heat pressed-what I would love a little more specifically is how and with what materials? This would change my business completely if I knew a little better how to make it happen.

  2. Justa Sign says:

    In this economy, any suggestions and helpful hints are gratefully appreciated.
    our first niche group will be safety supply companies, construction companies & oil field workers. They are a great part of the backbone of our country and deserve the exposure and recognition.

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