How To Market Your T-Shirt Business

Join us on Facebook on August 8th at 2PM ET to learn more about marketing your custom apparel printing business.

Looking for ways to stir up more business for your custom shirt business? We often hear that people rely solely on “word-of-mouth” when they have a custom t-shirt printing business. But if your business is new or if you’re trying to drum up some new customers or new types of customers, there are things you can do. In the “olden days,” I would often share ideas for creating Yellow Pages ads (what is that some of you younger folks may be wondering), or creating flyers. Well, flyers are still a valid form of marketing in many areas but these days, most people want to know how they can use online or social media to reach more buying customers. Transfer Express is known for helping its customers with marketing ideas and tips in an online webinar. This interactive online class is August 8th at 2:00 pm ET. You can join us live on Facebook during the presentation or if the timing isn’t right for you, register and we will send you a link. Here’s what the webinar will cover.  Here’s an overview of what they plan to cover. And since it is interactive you are able to join in and ask questions. Click here to register.

Marketing Your T-Shirt Business by Transfer Express

  • Learn how to use social media to grow business
  • Compare e-commerce platforms
  • Learn how to get more sales from the same customer
  • Learn to build and use a database
  • Discover how to create your own samples and displays

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