Set Yourself Apart from Competitors with Heat Printing

Be the first in town to offer this special iridescent logo printing effect with CAD-CUT Chroma Bling.

What’s one of the best ways to get an edge over your competitors in the world of custom apparel decorating? Offer special printing effects that are hard to duplicate without a heat press. While specialty finishes like metallics, reflectives, holographic or glow in the dark can be difficult to achieve with screen printing, there are literally dozens of heat transfer vinyls that make it simple to create a stand out look. One of our newest additions to the CAD-CUT line of heat transfer vinyls that is a huge hit with decorators is our CAD-CUT Chroma Bling. Chroma Bling is an iridescent heat transfer vinyl that gives logos a shiny, metallic, sparkly look. What’s more, it  changes color depending on the way light reflects on it. Since this heat transfer vinyl is semi-transparent, it also takes on the color properties of the shirt on which it’s printed.  In addition, it’s approved for use on children’s clothing and is laser cutter compatible. It’s one of the most unusual and unique heat transfer vinyls we’ve ever seen and everyone who has tried it has rave reviews. If you want to see more, watch and see for yourself in this short video.

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