Back to School Custom Apparel Ideas

This video is worth watching. Don’t miss these back to school heat printing profit opportunities that you can create with your heat press.

Looking for the latest in back to school heat printing ideas? This video featuring heat printing expert Jenna S. takes you on a non-stop heat printing journey of ideas, tips and techniques. You don’t want to miss it. If you own a heat press, you can say yes to just about any type of back to school order no matter how many pieces, or the complexity of the design or the demand for a specialty finish like reflective or metallic.  Discover how to create everything from a typical mesh football jersey with Thermo-FILM to retro and vintage style tees; how to print on performance shirts; how to print reflective and hi-vis color reflective; what you need to know about printing outerwear; how to print metallic finishes; and so much more. This video is packed full of valuable information with the latest trends and you can see how it’s done. Jenna walks you through all the options and all the possibilities with the Hotronix heat press. Interchangeable platens make it quick and easy to switch gears and print on legs, sleeves and all types of items. A Teflon covered lower platen cover makes threading garments easier. Whether you own a cutter or would like to use our custom cutting services, all the heat transfer vinyl materials shown are available for fast and on-time delivery, no matter where you live. If you are in the Dallas area (new same day pickup available) or in the Western states we have many one-day and two-day shipping options available from our Arizona and Texas warehouses.  For more ideas on a daily and sometimes hourly basis, follow us on Facebook at Stahls’ All Things Heat Printing or Instagram at Stahls Heat Printing to see what your peers are working on. Don’t miss out.

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  1. Is CadWorx Live ever going to offer Rhinestone capabilities for clip art designs? I know that there are a few fonts available.

  2. Ted says:

    Jackie, It’s not planned at this time but I will pass along your suggestion to our Cadworxlive developers. They are always updating and making changes to the capabilities. Thanks for being a Cadworxlive user.

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