How To Sell More T-Shirts in 23 Days–Day 9


Asking for the sale is something you need to remind yourself to do. The world belongs to the askers!



What’s the biggest mistake most salespeople make? They don’t ASK FOR THE SALE! It’s true. The world belongs to the askers. Those who ask. Ask and you shall receive. You get the message. Some people don’t like asking for the sale because they are afraid the person might say NO. But when the person does say no, think of it as an opportunity. Find out why the person said no. Find out what you could have done to make them say YES. It might be something that is out of your control, like they need 12 dozen XXL shirts in lime green by tomorrow. But if it is something else, maybe there is something you can do about correcting the situation. However, you won’t know unless you ASK.

Here’s a link to an article on closing sales that was featuring in Entrepreneur Magazine several years ago. It may have been written a while ago but what it says remains true today.

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