How to Sell More T-Shirts in 23 Days–Day 8

Thinking like a customer means anticipating what your customer needs to know before they make a purchase. Transfer Express has created a series of marketing flyers that can help you promote your custom printing services by showing your customers sample ideas.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll realize that many of the things you can do to sell more t-shirts require sitting down to think about your business, writing down your ideas and slowly you are probably forming a plan on how to attack niche markets or sell more to people that already buy from you. One thing that you should be doing the entire time is the title of my next tip:



Whatever you choose to do to market your business and promote your heat printing products and services, keep these questions in mind: Am I thinking like a customer? Am I answering their concerns? Am I making sure they know why they should buy from me instead of from someone else? Your customer will never come into your place of business and directly ask you “why should I buy from you?” So that’s what you need to be telling him/her in everything you do. Your pricing needs to be clear, any concerns they may have about quality and reliability need to be addressed in your marketing pieces or store signs. You also be have to be able to imagine that your customer doesn’t really know what they want to buy. They don’t know what color their logo should be, they don’t know how to get their logo to you, they don’t know how many shirts they will need. Make it easy for your customer. Create a binder that shows examples of your one, two and full color designs on all the colorways you carry. Explain the difference between one and two color lettering or numbering on a sign or with a real-life sample. Create seasonal displays and put out flyers with a monthly special on them. Even if the customer doesn’t want that particular special, they will be made aware of your heat printing and apparel decorating services. It’s not easy making flyers, which is why Transfer Express has created a range of generic marketing flyers that you can use to promote your custom printing capabilities. Click here to see all of them.


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