Thank You for Your D3 Feedback

Thank you for your feedback on the recent D3 heat printing event in Cleveland. We appreciate that you took the time to answer our survey.

You already know what I thought about the Design, Decorate, Deliver (D3) heat printing educational event that took place on Sept 12. The large, enthusiastic turnout made it evident that there is still a huge thirst for heat printing knowledge and new ideas. And I was extremely proud of all the efforts put forth by our team. But I’m always looking for customer feedback on everything we do, and we had a great response to an online survey about the day. Instead of me paraphrasing the comments, here are actual responses about what they liked about their day with us:

  • Displays of ideas you can do and things that are in the works
  • The amount of knowledge that was conveyed in a relatively short period of time
  • I liked having the experts there to address issues and  answer questions. I also like the deals that we received for products at the show.
  • Everyone was willing and able to answer questions.
  • We liked all the heat seal products and all of the information we received.
  • The information about how screen printing quality/appearance can be accomplished with a heat press.
  • The examples of how to use the different materials to upgrade customer’s logos
  • The introduction and how to use materials and the ability to view the quality of items for sale
  • All of the information given was clear and precise.
  • Getting to see all of the different materials and ideas with them. It was great to get to operate the many different heat presses.
  • Seeing all the products and ideas how to use the better to sell to customers.
  • Informative sessions.
  • The one on one talking with the experts
  • New ideas with heat applied materials.
  • I have been ordering from you for about 2 years. I’m used to ordering Goof Proof and Elastic Prints so I was glad to see some of the other applications on actual garments. I know you offer samples, but it’s hard to get a feel from a sample.
  • Every presenter was “awesome”. I can’t say what I  liked best because I liked everything!
  • Plenty of people present to answer questions. I did not have to wait for more than a few minutes to speak to someone and get my questions answered.
  • Minimal Cost to attend.
  • Extremely friendly and helpful staff.
  • Free Samples
  • We got to meet some new people… and ask questions face to  face with some of the Stahl’s Team…. People you see in the books and on the videos…. very worth while… and got to meet people from our area and neighboring states… shared ideas and made contacts… even got to contract some work!

These are just some of the responses, and overwhelmingly, what people seemed to like most was the opportunity to see new heat printing ideas in action. Thanks again to everyone who attended and also to those who took the time to complete the D3 survey. If you didn’t attend the D3 and would just like to give us some feedback, we have another survey online that you can take.


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