Transfer Application FAQ’s

transferQ: Do you lay the shirt directly on the platen or slip it around the platen? Is there a difference?


A: For most garments you can lay them directly on the platen. The reason to slip it around the platen or “thread/dress” the garment is to remove the interference of pockets, buttons, zippers, etc. Some common times to thread the garment is when pressing on the back of hoodies, polo’s, and pocket tshirts.

Q: What precautions should be taken when pressing on the front and back of the garment?

A: With a Hotronix® heat press, if this is the type of press you have, has a bottom platen made of silicon. The silicon prevents the ink from adhering to it and does not melt the ink. It is ok to immediately turn the shirt over to press on the back.  No harm will be done to the front transfer.


 Q.  What is the best ink formula to use for fabric that has a tendency to shrink?

A: Any of our Transfer Express ink formulas apply well to these fabrics. Each will give similar results. The transfers will shrink slightly with the fabric however excessive shrinking is known to make the print look wrinkled. If you are aware this might happen try using garments that don’t have this tendency. You will have better results in the long run. Use correct pressure  (medium to firm) before starting your job. Some dealers use the paper method. They stick a piece of white paper on the corner of the heat press and lock down. If the paper comes out easily then there is not enough pressure,  If the paper rips or doesn’t come out at all when you tug on it then there is too much pressure.


Q: Can you use the Kraft paper instead of Teflon sheet?

A: Yes, you can use Kraft Paper if needed instead of Teflon. These however are not needed when applying transfers however you can use them to cover already applied designs or to keep your shirt clean from the top platen.  If placing the sheet over an existing design on the garment it may change the texture of the ink. Kraft paper will make it a matte finish where Teflon may make the design look shiny.

Q: How can you split print a zipper hoodie that the zipper is nylon?

A: Most zippers will be able to withstand the heat of the heat press if the manufacturer has the intention of the garment being heat pressed. So, you can always test one to make sure it withstands the heat or ask the manufacturer.

Q: For very large men’s shirts, would you still use the neck as a guide when applying chest prints to a 5xl?

A: I suggest still using the neck seam as your guide.

The neck seam will obviously be larger for this size shirt which will move the print over slightly. You still want to make sure that the print is not under the arm or on the side of the body. By following the neck seam you are guaranteed it will not be too far over. I have done 4xl shirts using this method and they have come out perfectly!



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