Your Heat Press Gives You the Power of “While You Wait”

You can offer “while you wait” customization on t-shirts and even towels! Just have a box of Cooper or 2″ Pro Block on hand and you have a service no one on the internet can touch!

Don’t forget that one of the most important marketing weapons you have is your heatpress. Your heat press lets you offer your customers something even the internet can’t do. Instant customization. While you wait. Yes, in just a few short minutes you can heat print any nameor saying on a t-shirt. If you carry stock transfers, you can go a step further and customize a stock transfer with lettering. If you own a cutter AND a heat press you can cut any logo “While You Wait.” There are so many different ways you can decorate for customers on demand and the beauty of it is, most customers don’t even need “while you wait” service. But advertising this service will draw them into your store. Just THINK about how this sets YOU apart from the competiton. Do you have a sign up in your window telling people you offer lettering services? Do you have your heat press prominently displayed in the store in an attractive manner so that people know you do instant heat printing? You don’t have to hide your  heatpress in the back room anymore. (especially if you own a Hotronix Fusion, people are fascinated by watching this press in action)

Remember when there was a t-shirt store in every town that offered “while you wait” decoration services? You might already BE that store, but you have to be consistent in telling people you offer instant customization on just about anything.

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