Congrats on starting your T-shirt business

congrats on starting your t-shirt business

Meet our most recent heat press package scholarship winners! Learn more about them in this video.

Congrats on starting your T-shirt business

In the beginning of 2021, Stahls’ announced we would be giving away 21 heat press start up package scholarships. Now November is almost over and we have five new winners for a total of 20 heat press packages awarded.  There’s still one more to be announced, which will be sometime in mid-December. As for the latest winners, we’re excited to begin their sessions guiding them in the right direction with coaching on industry basics and product planning geared towards their target markets.

About the Scholarship Program

In order to support entrepreneurs like you, the Stahl Family Small Business Fund pledged to give away 21 Pure Imagination heat press packages in 2021.  This includes access to resources and coaching sessions from STAHLS’ experts – providing everything needed to get your at-home business off the ground.

Meet the Most Recent Winners

And now, let’s say congrats on starting your T-shirt business to the following scholarship winners:

  1. Flowers and More, Erin Gallegos
  2. Somebody’s in Here Inc., Julian McCullough
  3. Ohio Cloth and Paper, Ohio Cloth and Custom Printing, Charles Lewis
  4. Racoonick, Joseph and Andrea Coonick
  5. Junket Crew, Jason and Christina Cory

In the coming weeks, we will share more about our scholarship winners. You can learn how some of our other winners are thriving by reading their stories in How to Make It in the T-Shirt Business. Each issue highlights a scholarship winner.

 Stay tuned for more in December/January for details on the 2022 Scholarship Program.

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